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Junior / Adult Inflatables and Obstacle Course Challenge – Experience our famous Superhero it’s a Knockout and total Wipeout course. Only at NPF Birmingham!

Junior / Adult Inflatable Games and Obstacle Course Challenge – Experience our famous Superhero it’s a Knockout and total Wipeout course. Only at NPF Bassetts Pole, Birmingham!

Fancy competing against your mates in this hilarious set of gladiator style games, all played on top of the range inflatables? This is the perfect activity for any group who all want to take part in an event together and who are up for a massive laugh. When you’re not on the course yourself you can watch your mates looking pretty silly as they Super Hero sumo wrestle or ride an inflatable sausage to victory!

NPF Junior and Adult Inflatable challenges are perfect for aspiring Junior Gladiators, Corporate Events, Stag & Hen Parties, Birthdays and so much more!

• Sessions are approx 2 hours in duration
• There are fixed start times of 10am, 12pm, and 2pm. Please note these are subject to availability.
• 8+ Inflatable Activities included for just £37.50pp
• Perfect for hen parties – experience our hen assault course and total wipeout on your hen do!
• Please wear comfortable clothing and trainers, fancy dress welcome but please avoid any sharp accessories.
• All participants must be aged 8 years and upwards

Included in your Inflatable Action day out:

Your Inflatable Games session at NPF Bassetts Pole includes ALL of the below it’s a knockout style activities – with a highlight being the brand new Disco Dome!

Inflatable Obstacle / Assault Course

No challenge is complete without an inflatable obstacle course. Our assault course inspires a real sense of achievement. Of course, any trips or stumbles are supported by a soft landing too! This competitive challenge is the perfect choice for corporate events, work parties, children’s fun days, kid’s parties and stag events. Our hen assault course is unmissable for your hen party!

Rocca Rolla Inflatable Challenge

Outsmart your opponents and hold your nerve. A combination of fitness, balance and gritty determination is what you need to come out on top.Ideal for hen and stag parties, corporate days out, fairs, family fun days and children’s parties, the Rocca Rolla is a tremendously fun way to unleash the competitive spirit of your group!

Super Hero Fun Inflatable Wrestling / Boxing – It’s a knockout!

Have you ever experienced a muscle-bound Batman come hurtling towards you? This is an experience not to be missed, a couple of rounds of inflatable wrestling or boxing with your super hero opponent is exhilarating, entertaining and a great crowd pleaser. It’s no surprise then that this inflatable challenge is a popular choice for kids parties, hen & stag parties and corporate events.

Pony “Space Hopper” Racing

Bounce around on our pony style space hoppers; a great way to instil some fun and competition into your day. Who has the stamina to cross the finish line first? Get those legs into action and find out! If a day at the races tickles your fancy, pony “Space Hopper” style racing is just perfect you.

Wobbly Sausage Racing

See how well your team works together with a wobbly sausage race to the finish line that requires some serious control. Wobbly sausage racing involves bouncing 6 metre inflatable frankfurters across our Astro Turf arena without losing grip on the hot dog in question!

Retro Space Hopper Racing

Join your friends in the hilarious dash for the finish line in this 80’s classic fun activity! Can your legs take any more punishment after the Wobbly Sausage Race?! Brilliant fun and a real laugh all the way!

NEW – Disco Dome

Brand new to our list of inflatable activities for 2016 – the largest Disco Dome in the Midlands – completely black inside with disco strobe lights and a surround sound music system. This is a bouncy castle like you’ve never experienced before! A great way to celebrate your birthday, go wild with your hens and stags or just let off a little corporate steam!

NEW – Footpool

This giant version of the classic pub game is sure to get you and your friends laughing – A combination of football and traditional pool designed to combine the skills required for each game whilst being simple and fun for all ages and abilities.  The game itself is similar to traditional pool only you are able to stand on the table and pot by kicking the cueball into the coloured balls.

Crazy Caterpillar Tracks

Six members of each team stand inside the Caterpillar track (like a giant tank track) holding it above their heads. Several teams can compete at the same time, racing each other down a slalom course. The teams have to walk in unison or the inevitable fall will occur! Non participating members of the team can coach the others! A great team building activity!