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Local Charities in Birmingham – Read This!

Fundraising at NPF Bassetts Pole

NPF Bassetts Pole provides a unique and exciting venue for anyone looking for a fun way to raise money for their nominated charity or worthwhile cause.

You can visit individual sections of this page by clicking the link below:

Charity Fundraising Ideas and Paintball fundraiser
– Inflatable Action Games Fundraiser
– Raffle Prizes (Paintball tickets and more)

Charities and causes we are proud to have helped
– Stephens Story
– Teenage Cancer Trust
– Wishes 4 Kids / Paintballers 4 Kids
– Jeavon Porter-Fraser Fundraising Foundation
– The Royal British Legion Poppy appeal

Charity Fundraising Ideas


Paintball Fundraiser


A Paintball Fundraising day is a great way to raise money and awareness! NPF Bassetts Pole will supply our Basic Entry package tickets to your charity free of charge.

The Basic Entry package includes a full days play, kit + equipment, tea + coffee, lunch and 100 paintballs. The Basic Entry package usually costs £15 per head meaning that if you sell these tickets on at full value, for every 10 people who attend your event, you will raise £150 for your chosen cause.

Paintball fundraisers are available seven days a week.


Inflatable Action Games Fundraiser


An Inflatable Action Games session at NPF Bassetts Pole is a great way to raise funds! Sessions are available Monday – Friday and on any Sunday.

Our inflatable action sessions consist of eight awesome challenges including the UK’s longest inflatable assault course and our it’s-a-knock-out style Rocca Rolla!

We will provide tickets to any registered charity for £25 and we will also increase the session duration from two hours to up to four hours! You can sell the tickets on for a price of your choosing (RRP for a two hour session is £35).

Why not come along in fancy dress or  even get a BBQ going to create the perfect family-fun-day atmosphere – whatever your requirements we will try our best to accommodate you!


Raffle Prizes


We are always happy to donate our VIP Paintball Tickets to sell on, raffle or auction to raise funds for all good causes.

Please call Chris on 0121 323 1000 or email chris@npfbassettspole for more information.

Causes we have helped:

We have worked closely with many charities and organisations over the years to help create and promote action packed days out and raise thousands of pounds through sponsorship and event ticket sales:


Stephen’s Story


Stephen Sutton, MBE, was an local blogger and charity activist known for his blog Stephen’s Story and his fundraising efforts for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity for the aid of teenagers with cancer. By the second anniversary of his death, £5.5 million had been raised in his memory.

Every October since Stephen’s death, a Paintball fundraiser has taken place at NPF Bassetts Pole. To date, these Paintball events have raised £5635.63 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Dear NPF,
Thank you for supporting Teenage Cancer Trust by supporting Lee Woodward’s Stephen’s Story paintballing events. The third event brings the total raised to £5245.17 which would not have been possible without the help and generosity of the Paintball Centre. Your generosity will help us give young people, aged between 13 and 24, living with cancer in the UK the care and support they need.

teenage cancer trust paintball

Every day, seven young people across the UK are told they have cancer. We know how damaging it is to take a young person away from their everyday life, their friends, and their family and put them in a cancer ward with small children or older people. We understand that young people have a much better chance if they are treated by teenage cancer experts, with other young people, in an environment tailored to their needs. So we’re working every day to make that happen by building and running specialist teenage cancer units in NHS hospitals and we couldn’t do that without your help.

Teenage Cancer Trust units are designed to be as close as possible to a young person’s normal life outside hospital. The state-of-the-art units are bright and vibrant and will often include pool tables, jukeboxes, computers and webcams, helping them keep in touch with others and cope with gruelling treatment and often long stays in hospital. The money you raised will go towards helping more young people from across the UK fight cancer and have a better quality of life.

Right now, for every young person with cancer we can help, there is another we can’t. We want to be able to help every young person with cancer and with your help and support we are one step closer to a day when no young person faces cancer alone.

On behalf of everyone here at Teenage Cancer Trust and the young people we support – Thank you.

With best wishes
Pippa MacBain Local
Fundraising Coordinator


Paintballers 4 Kids


Paintballers 4 Kids is a charity initiative all about raising money throughout the Paintball world for 5 regional children’s charities. The 5 charities are Chase, Wishes 4 Kids, Latch, Candlelighters and the National Deaf Children’s Society.

The initiative is partially co-ordinated by Dave George of National Paintball Fields – each coordinator has a common interest in what they all want and have a passion for helping children who for one reason or another suffer from disabilities or serious illnesses.

Paintballers 4 Kids’ main raffle prize draw takes place annually at our Paintfest big game event in July.

Dave “Papa G” George

Dave otherwise known in the paintball world as “Papa G” started his charity work at NPF after his daughter’s best friend Carly got killed in an RTA. As both were doing child care at college, it was decided as a family to ask NPF Bassetts Pole if they could hold a charity event in aid of a Leicester charity Wishes 4 Kids.

This 1st event raised over £3000 pounds for terminally and seriously ill children around Leicestershire.
Dave has continued every year to raise funds for Wishes 4 Kids at NPF with over £6000 raised since it started.

For Dave the Paintballers 4 Kids Initiative is a great idea. It has his whole hearted support and hopes it will continue for many years, so that the 5 major children’s charities who get no other support apart from fund raisers such as the 5 coordinators, will gain from the events that we attend and help and support not only from site owners but all Paintballers of the world.

Dave would love to see the idea expand overseas and across the world.

Paintballers 4 Kids


Jeavon Porter-Fraser Fundraising Foundation


The “Jeavon Porter- Fraser Fundraising Foundation” has a personal attachment to NPF as it was created in the name of a young member of our Marshalling team whom we sadly lost in Autumn 2012.


The foundation was set up by friends & family to help raise awareness and funds for Brittle Asthma and Hodkinsons disease at Birmingham hospitals.


poppyWe also support the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal each year

Here at NPF we support many good causes by donating free prizes and ticket sheets which can be auctioned off at charity raffles and auctions to raise valuable funds for those in need. Please be sure to contact us if you have a special fundraising event or auction coming up and would like our help.



To arrange your next fundraising event with a difference or for more information on how we can help you please call NPF Bassetts Pole today on:

0121 323 1000  or email: info@npfbassettspole.com