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  • Get fit with paintball

    Paintball is a game that almost anyone can play. But what benefits does Paintball have over other forms of exercise? As well as being able to play alongside family and friends you also get a chance to workout every muscle in your body. Paintball is not only a team sport and fun activity, but also a valuable form of exercise. Exercise is known to prevent lifestyle diseases... So if you are going to exercise you might as well enjoy it...

    Get fit with paintball
  • Fantastic Workout

    Paintball is a very active sport that requires a lot of movement, running and agility. As a result it provides a full body workout. Regular players find that their strength and stamina will increase. Paintball offers an interesting combination of physical and mental exercise. Your cardiovascular health will improve, which will help avoid a wide range of problems related to the respiratory system. Moreover, paintball is very exciting and accessible…

    Fantastic Workout
  • Improve endurance

    Paintball offers a great cardiovascular workout that improves endurance. After several weeks of playing, you’ll begin to notice several changes for the better. You will become stronger and fitter. Other comparisons as ways of improving endurance would include running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike. Clearly playing paintball is a more enjoyable way of exercising and will transform you well being and social life.

    Improve endurance
  • Promote Teamwork

    Paintball helps promote teamwork along with skills in strategy and problem solving. A team must work together, formulating strategies and plans to achieve positive results. This is the reason TOP UK COMPANIES use NPF Bassetts Pole to enhance employee training programmes. People learn quickly about good decision making and responsibility. Paintball promotes proven leadership skills.

    Promote Teamwork