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The Paintball


Paintfest takes place in the woodland and green fields of one of the world’s best known paintball & outdoor activity venues. NPF Bassetts Pole features some of the best playing areas you will come across anywhere – home of WDP, Angel and the birthplace of the modern game back in 1996.

3 days of Paintball & Party Heaven right in the heart of the UK

Traditional Rolling Woodsball games Specialist CQB / Killhouse games Featured challenges from Task Force Delta
The Friday + Saturday schedules:

The CPPS Sup’air Field – hosted and run by Ainsley and the UK CPPS crew, the Sup’Air field is open on both Friday and Saturday with numerous skills sessions, clinics, tournaments and also junior splatmaster sessions to satisfy any tournament style players thirst.

PAINTFEST Mil-Tac Magfed games – a big-game scenario challenge set over 2 days aimed at the magfed community – part of the on-going Mil-tac series hosted by NPF.

FRIDAY + SATURDAY – Big Game Paintball
Both afternoons feature their very own themed big scenario games – play as part of two huge factions across huge battlefields, mission based games, special guest commanders and plenty of trophies, points and kudos up for grabs for the winners! Watch our updates for the latest on the Friday and Saturday Big game themes!
NEW for 2017 – The UK Woodland Masters International event at Paintfest 2017
We are excited to announce that the UKWM woodsball series will be hosting a two day international tournament as part of their 2017 series at Paintfest 2017. Check out their details on Facebook and get your 5-man teams registered to play – all part of your Paintfest tickets!!!
NEW for 2017 – Airsoft big weekend hosted by Fireball Squadron. Our home Airsoft club will be hosting and running a huge airsoft big game at Paintfest in 2017. The first big airsoft game following the Diamond wars story – we are very excited to welcome the guys next year!
Plus much more…


BIG GAME SUNDAY – Paintfest presents Diamond Wars
The Sunday of Paintfest is given over to a full day of big game action with woodsball and scenario based gameplay in our awesome Diamond Wars event.
The UK’s longest running scenario series reaches it’s 10th anniversary in 2017 so it’s another great reason to celebrate at Paintfest

Play as one of the two warring factions – USDE or HMC and battle across some of the most challenging and exciting playing areas in paintball. All points gained here count towards the overall series as a whole with the ultimate winner of Diamond Wars 2017 announced in the November finale.

• Fantastic hybrid woodsball / scenario series
• Multiple ways to score
• Mission based objectives
• Awesome battlefield
• Some of the best Faction leaders / Special guests in paintball
• Do Not Miss Out!

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