Airsoft Games

Min age: 11+ years
£45.00 per person inc' all kit + 2500 BB's
Duration: Half day - AM or PM
Min group size: 10

Immersive Airsofting action in Birmingham!

Exciting scenarios played using ultra-realistic airsoft weapons – Valken Battle Machine realistic imitation firearms (Rifs) that fire small 6 millimetre plastic BB pellets - within our movie quality Airsoft game zones.

Unlike Paintball, Airsoft BB pellets do not explode or contain paint. Airsoft rules rely on the opponent being honest when hit and leaving the game. Our Airsoft equipment includes more than just a gun – players are kitted out with full face Airsoft masks, tactical vests, spare magazines and coveralls for maximum safety.

Most of our fast–moving Airsoft games use re-spawn rules, so you’re never out of the action for more than a few minutes. Ideal for team building, corporate events, and Airsoft stag parties and hen parties.