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night airsoft player

Night Airsoft Skirmish

£25  per Walk-On player
£40 per Rental player

Next Event : To Be Confirmed

Min group size: 1. Min age: 11yrs+

What is the minimum age for airsoft walk on skirmishes?

The minimum age for Walk on Airsoft is 11 years.

How many people do I need to attend the dark ops event?

There is no minimum group size for our event - come on your own or as part of a group / team!
Everyone is welcome BUT places for the event will be limited and capped so be sure to book early!

What do we need to wear for the dark ops event?

Casual, loose comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.Walk-On players will be able to wear their own rig /loadouts etc Rental customers will be given an all-in-one combat coverall to wear if they wish and our "dark ops" issue airsoft equipment. Best Footwear would be outdoor style boots, walking boots or old trainers.

What eye protection do we need?

We advise all players that full face protection is recommended for dark ops airsoft sessions. Rental customers are provided with a full headshield protective face goggle / eye pro. Anyone under the age of 18 MUST wear full face protection. Minimum requirement for airsofters would be airsoft certified safety/ shooting glasses. We strongly recommed all Walk On players to wear non-mesh glasses and faceshield / gum guards for the best protection from hazards.

Can we use night vision scopes / goggles?

Yes - however we reserve the right to ensure that there is a fair and equal split of players with such equipment across both teams. Further information will be given in advance of the event. We will have areas of ambient lighting within the game zone. Players will be given a cylume / glowstick to be worn on their person for ID / safety reasons.

Can I bring a torch?

Yes - Torches will be permitted - white/red/green light etc - BUT use them wisely and tactically!

Do you offer an airsoft membership?

Yes! Check out our NEW NPF Airsoft Membership package for great benefits and discounts!!

Can we bring our own bb's TO the dark ops event?

Yes! Tracer Round BB's will be mandatory for the Dark Ops Event. Rental weapons will be fitted with Tracer round units and BB's supplied. We also sell various weights and quantities of BB pellets in our on-site shop, if you need to purchase any for the evening.

How do I book for the dark ops night game?

Book using the buttons below, or call us to book over the phone on 0121 323 1000. Full payment will be required in order to secure your booking as places are limited.

“Absolute blinding time with everyone one even though I was a rental every skirmish seemed a fair match but what a day and what a place to go! Bassetts Pole hands down a phenomenal place!!!” Scott Ballinger
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