Corporate Low Impact Paintballing

8+ years
From £25.00 per person
Duration: 2 hours
Min group size: 10

Find out which of your team mates has the composure to stay cool under fire and out strategise their opponents, in this 21st century version of paintball, a team building classic.

Our state of the art low impact markers have taken the pain out of paintball. An ideal team building activity for those of you looking to really test your troops under pressure. Low impact paintball still provides all the adrenaline pumping thrills and evaluation metrics of traditional paintball, but without the bruises to prove it.

Your group will be kitted out with the latest safety gear and thermal goggles for fog free vision. Our Low impact sessions can take place across a selection of our incredible woodland arenas, or on our purpose built Super Air paintball arena, where players have to race from their launch points at opposite ends of the pitch, whilst avoiding incoming fire before taking cover behind inflatable bunkers to eliminate their opposition.

Low Impact Paintball is suitable for mixed corporate groups and ideal for our larger mixed corporate groups, or as part of our multi activity packages.