Corporate SWAT Experience Paintball

Min age: 18+ years
£49.50 per person
Duration: Half day AM or PM
Min group size: 10

The ultimate test of nerve for your most hardened troops and the ideal team building activity to shape them into an elite fighting force.

Your personnel will need to combine nerves of steel with precision teamwork in this thrillingly intense close quarter combat activity. Your group will be fully kitted out in black Swat style gear and issued with specialized paintball assault rifles before being sent on a series of daring close quarter missions. Will your Swat team be able to end the siege at our Embassy Stronghold by clearing a disorientating maize of rooms, corridors and dead end zones, to flush out the enemy, then stop the bomb and rescue the hostages?

Our Swat Experience is not for the faint hearted! And is therefore unsuitable for some mixed corporate groups or people with certain medical conditions.