Young Guns Junior Paintballing

From £20.00 per person

Next Date: April 4th 2020

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Min group size: 1. Min age: 8+ years

What is the minimum age for young guns Junior Paintball?

The minimum age for Young Guns Junior Paintballing is 8 years. Children are welcome to join in up until the age of 16, although once children are 14 or older, they may prefer to join in with adult Paintball games. Family members are welcome to join in the fun! We also run Mini Paintballing sessions for youngsters who may not have experienced paintball before and prefer to take a first step on the paintballing ladder.

How much does Junior Paintball cost?

The cost of paintballing comes down to how many Paintballs you shoot on the day. The average player on a Young Guns Junior session will shoot approximately 300 - 400 paintballs. We have 3 great all inclusive pricing packages to choose from. If you need more help on choosing the right deal for you then just call our friendly team on 0121 323 1000!

How many people do I need for Junior Paintball?

There is no minimum group size for Young Guns, as all the children mix in together. if you would prefer a private party, we can run a Low Impact or Mini Paintballing session on any day Monday - Sunday, providing there is a minimum group of 10 players.

Does Junior Paintball hurt?

You are given full protective goggles (including protection for the top of the head) and body armor - so the answer is not as bad as you might think, so don't allow fear of potential pain prevent you from trying Paintball for the first time. Here at NPF we constantly upgrade our kit & equipment to give you the best experience possible. If you're particularly nervous - why not try a Mini Paintballing session first?

What do we need to wear for Junior Paintball?

Casual, loose comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. You will be given an all-in-one combat coverall to wear and our standard issue paintball equipment. Best footwear would be outdoor style boots, walking boots or old trainers.

Can we bring our own paintballs?

No...we do not permit players to bring paintballs from any other source into NPF. All paintballs must be purchased from NPF. Any person caught using "contraband" paintballs risks being ejected from games - and possibly from the day itself. No credits or refunds will be given.

Can we have a private Junior Paintball game on a weekend?

Yes - private junior games can be arranged at no extra charge for groups of 25 players or more. If you have a smaller group wishing to play Saturday or Sunday but would prefer a private game then an additional overall charge of £80 would be applied. Please call on 0121 323 1000 for details.

Can parents or older siblings join in with Junior Paintball?

Yes - we do not mind accompanying older family members joining in on games however we would stress that the emphasis is on games being for junior players rather than adults. If you have a number of adults and children that wish to play together then perhaps consider a private Low Impact or Mini paintballing session.

How do I book Junior Paintball?

Book using the buttons below, or feel free to discuss and book your day with a member of our friendly bookings team on 0121 323 1000. Full payment or a minimum deposit of £10 per player will be required in order to secure your booking.

“each child was well looked after throughout the day. Great to see that the kids were able to play with people their own age too. The price for the day was great value for money and the kids enjoyed every second of it! Thank you!” Debbie P

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