Stag Airsoft Games

Min age: 11+ years
£45.00 per person
Duration: Half day - AM or PM
Min group size: 10

For a realistic immersive combat experience without the colour and splats of paintball, why not kit out your stag party as elite airsofting operatives!!

Shooting the latest ultra-realistic Valken battle machine weapons with all your BB ammo included, this great airsoft package will give your squad an adrenaline pumping experience playing across the most realistic scenarios in the uk.

Unlike Paintball, Airsoft pellets do not explode or contain paint. Airsoft rules rely on the opponent being honest when hit and leaving the game.

All players are issued with combat coveralls and HD Thermal Airsoft masks for both comfort and safety.

Our private Airsoft games use re-spawn rules, so you’re never out of the action for more than a few minutes. Ideal for stag groups who are looking for some quick clean combat action to kick off the weekend celebrations!!