Stag Arena Sport Paintball

8+ years
£29.50 per person
Duration: 1 hour
Min group size: 10

High octane private Arena Sport stag paintballing sessions using all the latest hi tech .50cal paintball guns.

In this fast paced adrenaline packed sports format of paintball your teams will use the cover of inflatable barricades on a paintball sports arena as they are pitched against each other and go toe-to-toe in a series of exhilarating games, based on professional paintball.

Yout group will be kitted out with the latest kit including Full headshield HD thermal lens goggles

At NPF Bassetts Pole our Arena Sport Paintballing arena is a self-contained pitch surrounded by high netting with a grandstand so spectators can cheer on their team mates in safety.

Success is dependent upon teamwork, aggressive movement, and constant communication – you won’t need to wear camouflage on this field!