Stag Paintballing

10+ years - From £10.00 per person
Various session times
Min group size: 1
Saturdays / Sundays: 1
Monday - Friday: 10


Are you the hunters or the hunted as your heroic squad of stags embark on a series of daring missions deep behind enemy lines?...

Experience our fully immersive paintball action zones, including Hunting Rambo, Missile Convoy, the Hanoi Hilton and Westworld. Engage the enemy in adrenaline fuelled fire-fights, before locating your stated objective!

Rush in under fire to save your groom & best man from a downed chopper or de-activate the launch detonator in the Missile Convoy to complete your mission - before time runs out!

Our smart well maintained playing areas are designed to maximise your enjoyment, not your paint use. Our Paintball equipment is second to none. Our paintballs burst on the target, not in your gun and our adrenaline pumping game zones will leave you breathless for more.

The best way to kick off a Stag weekend to remember. Stag party paintballing can be booked as a private group session, or if you're up for some bigger action, check out our great Stag party public Paintball deals.