Target Archery

Minimum age: 11+ years
£25.00 per person
Duration: 1 hour
Minimum group size:
Sat & Sun : 1
Mon - Fri :10

Hold on to your quivers As Target Archery hits the bullseye at NPF!!

Gather you merry men and join us in the range to experience the traditional sport of Archery surrounded by beautiful countryside – just 15 minutes from Birmingham city centre.

Target Archery is a superb sport and is the perfect icebreaker for Stag Groups who need to do some bonding before the celebrations begin.

Start with a practice session where our NPF instructor will teach you how to correctly handle your bow and hone your technique - then it’s competition time!

You’ll be using modern, Olympic-style equipment to score points by hitting bullseye targets as you learn all the skills required to be an archery master before taking on our lifesize animal targets.

When combined with another of our shooting range activities for the ultimate hunter sports combo, Target Archery hits the stag party mark every time!