3D Archery

Min age: 11+ Years
£39.50 per person
Duration: 90 minutes
Min group size: 10

Take Archery to the next level with 3D Archery - Can you and your team of bow & arrow wielding hunters save the world from mutant mayhem?

Ideal for beginners, children, adults and trained Zombie hunters alike -3d Archery is exciting, exhilarating and fun!

Let loose your inner "Katniss" or "Jon Snow" and experience archery - Hunger games style!

All hell has broken loose on earth! Mutant zombies and wild beasts have taken control. Under the guidance of one of our experienced trackers – your job is to seek & shoot anything that threatens mankind or the resources that can be used to feed your group of human survivors.

Hone your basic archery skills from the safety of the NPF Range before “The Hunt” into our hostile jungle trails begins!