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Outdoor "Tazer" Tag at NPF delivers so much thrilling stag party fun it's "shocking"! Get the stag and his mates ready for thrills, laughs and giggles as your laser "tazer" gun delivers a gentle electro shock to the body when you successfully score a hit!


  • Military grade polymer Lazer assault rifle with NEW built-in shock generator!
  • Fully disposable electro shock pads
  • LED reactive headset
  • Built-In Red Dot sight
  • Re-generative Body armour feature
  • Auto- respawn
  • Integrated battle game settings including "Zombie" mode!
  • Kill count, Ammo counter, Shooter scores plus much more..


Each Cyclone X Lazer gun is fitted with an electro shock generator. Players wear the Tazer Tag electro-pads on their skin across the shoulder blades area. When shot, the pads deliver a quick, safe, mild shock - similar to that of a tens machine or fitness abs-toning machine!

Watch all the fun reactions as your stag party battle it out in our specially designed Jungle Laser "Tazer Tag" zone achieving your mission objectives and having hilarious fun at the same time! The perfect way to kick of your Stag's tour of duty!

The same exhilarating adrenaline packed combat of paintballing and airsoft- without the bruises or need to wear a mask!

Book your stag party's tactical "Tazer" Laser tag adventure today!

Fully Insured & Risk Assessed! OVER 18's only

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“Great day out with all the team and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. From the get go there was a buzz and excitement that didn’t end until the last activity ended. With a variety of age groups and abilities, it really was a great package to suit all. We will be coming in again for sure! Highly recommend it ” Michelle Meah

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