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hypershock adult laser tag

1 hour Hypershock Adult Laser Tag

£35 per person

Private games for 10 or more players

Min age: 18+ years

What is Hypershock Laser Tag?

Cyclone X Hypershock Laser Tag is a laser combat activity, played in movie-set quality game zones. Participants wear electrode pads across their shoulder blade area - the higher the position the greater the intensity. Players shoot at their opponents and when shot players will receive a mild electro-shock via the pads attached to the skin. With extremely long range and accuracy (up to 200 metres), Hypershock Laser Tag is a highly immersive game experience!

What is the minimum age for Hypershock Laser Tag?

The minimum age for Hypershock Laser Tag sessions at NPF is strictly 18 years old and over.

What do I need to wear to play Hypershock Laser Tag?

Players should wear their own comfortable clothing with suitable outdoor footwear such as old outdoor trainers, or walking style boots. Coveralls will be provided. In order to take part in the Hypershock Laser Tag experience, players are required to wear disposable electro-pads against bare skin. Players will place these on their person themselves via a buddy up approach.

Is Hypershock Laser Tag safe?

Yes - Hypershock Laser Tag is very safe and has been thoroughly tried & tested. The activity & the system is fully insured. The shock delivered is a very mild pulse similar to that delivered by a TENS pain relief (eg: used by pregnant ladies) or a fitness Abs toning machine.

I have a health issue - can I play?

As with all activities if you have a concern over a personal health issue then you should consult with your doctor beforehand. Hypershock Laser Tag is not recommended for persons with pacemakers, implantable cardioverter - defibrillators, or similar devices. Players with a history of heart problems, epilepsy, or similar health problems should consult their doctor before playing Hypershock Laser Tag

Can I book Hypershock Laser Tag with other activities?

Yes! If you book any 2 activities you get £5 off per person. Book any 3, get £10 off per person. Book 4, get £15 off per person, etc!

How do I book Hypershock Laser Tag or get more info?

Just call our friendly team on 0121 323 1000!

“From the get go there was a buzz and excitement that didn’t end until the last activity ended. With a variety of age groups and abilities, it really was a great package to suit all. We will be coming in again for sure! Highly recommend it ” Michelle Meah

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