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High-quality paintball equipment ensures that you, and your team, enjoy safe, fun, and exciting paintballing. Get kitted up with lightweight, reliable paintball markers, fog-free paintball masks, rip-stop coveralls and tactical battle vests!

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tippmann ft12 lite paintball marker

Tippmann FT-12 LITE Paintball gun / Marker

The FT-12 Lite uses advanced materials to produce an extremely light, compact paintball marker, with an ergonomically-positioned front vertical grip. Ideal for a wide range of players.

tippmann 98 custom paintball marker

Tippmann Model 98 semi automatic Paintball gun / Marker

Semi automatic, reliable, and lightweight, the Tippmann 98 Paintball gun features a built-in vertical grip for increased stability

valken mi3 paintball mask
Valken MI3 Paintball Mask with Head Protection

Ultra hi-definition yellow thermal lens, minimizes fogging
Chin, jaw, ear, and top/back of head protection
Additional ventilation to optimise airflow and reduce fogging
Premium woven strap with silicone backing for ultimate comfort and fit

paintball overalls
Fatboy Paintball Coveralls

Multicam pattern military-style rip-stop coveralls, with padded protective collar in sizes XS to 6XL. Available to fit every shape and size.

fatboy tactical paintball vest
Fatboy Tactical Paintball Vest

Carry smoke grenades / paint grenades, and an extra 400 Paintballs into battle with the Tactical Battle vest

Need More firepower?

Upgrade your standard issue for even greater firepower!

emek pal paintball marker
Scorpion paintball marker (Planet Eclipse EMEK PAL)

Upgrade: £15. Lightweight, and ergonomic, reliable, smooth and robust, the Scorpion is designed to give players a better playing experience. Any player, no matter how experienced, can fire quickly and accurately all day, every day. The advanced design means that paint breakages in the marker will be virtually non-existent, so you can concentrate on the game.

eclipse pal loader system
Eclipse PAL Loader System

The Eclipse PAL Loader System gives rental players the very best battery-free playing experience possible. Players enjoy exceptional levels of performance without the need for batteries and expensive force-fed loader systems. Included with all Scorpion Paintball gun upgrades.

enola gaye smoke grenade
Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades / Flares, Paint Grenades, Frag Grenades

Add some tactical atmosphere to your game with awesome pyrotechnics - smoke flares, grenades, and more. Over 18s only.

“The guns were kept in good condition, and the upgrades all looked and performed impressively.” Lawrence Campbell

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