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swat experience paintball

Half Day SWAT Experience Paintball + All Ammo

£55 per person

Min group size: 10

Min age: 11+ years

Complete tough, semi indoor Paintball missions in our purpose built SWAT zones, designed to stimulate and disorientate your senses.

The Embassy “Killhouse” contains a vast array of corridors, rooms and an overhead viewing gantry, and the “Stronghold” compound is modelled on a military style FOB base complete with real helicopter!

Private Paintball games for groups of 10 or more players: call 0121 323 1000 for info, or to book!

Fully kitted out in Black SWAT style gear with specialized assault rifles and all ammo included – you’ve had the Green light, it’s time to GO!!!

Your team have been dropped behind enemy lines to recce and raid - flush out the enemy within, stop the bomb and rescue the hostage!

An unbeatable, intense, semi indoor paintball experience unique to NPF Bassetts Pole – Birmingham, Midlands. One of our most popular Stag Parties, Birthdays and Corporate activities!

Give us a call on 0121 323 1000 to book your SWAT experience now!

cqb paintball gear two swat experience players ready to take the base close quarters in the embassy
the embassy game zone hostage rescue scenario smoke grenades and pyrotechnics in use

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“Had my stag do at NPF, we did the SWAT team experience and we had an amazing time! We got magazine fed guns, tactical vests, masks and paid for some grenades and had a blast. Found it much better than regular paintball, smaller objective based games with a focus on teamwork and tactics. Our ref was Dylan and he explained the rules and equipment very clearly, he gave us advice on strategy and we had a laugh. Dylan made our day all the more special” Leroy Grant

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