Half Day SWAT Experience Paintball + All Ammo

£49.50 per person

Min group size: 10

Min age: 11+ years

What is SWAT Experience Paintball?

SWAT Experience Paintball is a high - adrenaline, close quarters scenario paintball experience unique to NPF Bassetts Pole.

What is the minimum age for SWAT Experience Paintball?

The minimum age for SWAT Experience Paintball is 11 years.

How much does SWAT Experience Paintball cost?

SWAT Experience Paintball is £49.50 per person.

How long does SWAT Experience Paintball last?

SWAT Experience Paintball is a half day activity, that can run either in the morning or afternoon.

How many people do I need for SWAT Experience Paintball?

The minimum number of people required for SWAT Experience Paintballing is 10. Whilst we can accept groups smaller than 10, the full payment for 10 would need to be met.

What do we need to wear for SWAT Experience Paintball?

Casual, loose comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. You will be given an all-in-one combat coverall to wear. Best Footwear would be outdoor style boots, walking boots or old trainers.

Can we wear fancy dress for SWAT Experience Paintball?

Of course! Please note however that costumes must allow for the wearing of our protective safety equipment.

How do I book SWAT Experience Paintball?

Book using the buttons below, or feel free to discuss and book your day with a member of our friendly bookings team on 0121 323 1000. Full Payment will be required in advance. We are also able to "hold" sessions on a provisional basis with an initial deposit - please call our bookings team in order to do this.

“hours of adrenaline induced fun, all ammo included, professional chilled out and friendly instructors and a stronghold to play havoc around, I would totally recommend this to anyone who is considering doing this for a stag.” GLYNEVANS435

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