Do your kids like Bear Grylls? If you are looking for an unusual children’s birthday party idea in Birmingham, NPF Bassets Pole offers short children’s survival adventures at our bushcraft camp for a memorable woodland themed party.

Kids of all ages will learn the wilderness skills with survival activities that will have children feel like they are in an episode of Bear Grylls Man vs. Wild. At our Birmingham site, they will have access to essential bushcraft tools, gear, and survival packs. With fun scenarios like “How to Survive a Plane Crash”, Bushcraft children’s parties are an unforgettable opportunity for outdoor learning that goes beyond their run-of-the-mill scouting.

A day or weekend at NPF Basset’s Pole will have kids on their way to becoming the next Bear Grylls.

2 hour Experience – £25.00
4 hour Advanced Survival Techniques – £45.00
Custom designed package to suit your requirements – just call us on 0121 323 1000. Minimum group of 10 people per booking

NPF’s bushcraft camp is located in 200 acres of beautiful woodland forest nestled in the West Midlands. Courses are led by our UK bushcraft instructors with visits from Mr. Dale Collet, founder of the British Bushcraft School. Our bushcraft activities and courses teach kids:  

  • Essential wilderness skills such as how to build a make-shift shelter and natural navigation.
  • Food foraging by safely identifying wild edibles.
  • Advanced survival techniques like making fine cordage, starting a fire from scratch, plus knowledge of different bushcraft gear.
  • Wood carving!
  • Self-reliance, fitness and self-esteem by knowing that they conquered the outdoors.

Safety is always our top concern, so you can give the group an extreme wilderness adventure without losing an arm or a leg! Packages can be tailored from a short birthday woodland experience to an entire bushcraft survival weekend.

One of our experiences was tried and tested in January by a hardy group of 6-8 year olds. They were taught basic survival skills in an engaging survival activity leaving them excited about what adventures await on their doorstep. Free parking is available onsite.

For further information on Bushcraft experiences and days at NPF Bassetts Pole please call us on 0121 323 1000 or contact us here.

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