Healthy Kids and Outdoor Fun During the School Holidays 
- Jennifer Dawson.

Entertaining your children can be a challenge, especially when there are six weeks to fill. A recent survey of more than 2,000 parents by found the almost 60% of them felt that the school holidays were too long, and that they felt stressed trying to keep their children busy. It simply isn’t healthy using iPads, televisions and games consoles to babysit your children; to make sure that they remain happy and healthy, getting them outside during their break is a must. So how about organising some great outdoor adventure activities for them?

Paintballing in the forest

Paintballing is a great outdoor activity that your children can do with their friends, or you can even play as a family. In the ultra-realistic game zones, everyone can run around, burning off a massive 340 calories an hour. Paintballing is great for your core muscle groups, just make sure you’ve had a good stretch and a warm up before you get going, or you’ll get aching thighs afterwards! One of the best things about paintballing is how it really sparks children’s imagination. It’s not just great exercise, but it’s also an amazing adventure in technicolour.

Target archery

Archery has been having an amazing boost in popularity thanks to movies like The Hunger Games. Both girls and boys across the country are enjoying this exciting and technical sport. It’s something that you can do at a professional archery range. You can also practise at home with a basic target set, so that the next time you go to the range, you’ll have improved your accuracy. It’s a great sport to try with friends and family and so easy to learn. Embrace your inner Robin Hood!  

Don’t let your children spend six weeks indoors looking at screens during the school holidays. Get them outside and they will be healthy, happy and will sleep like a log.

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