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Tricks for Keeping Kids Busy (and Safe!) During Summer

A recent study commissioned by the National Trust revealed that the average time spent by British kids outdoors is 50% less compared to their parents. One of the main reasons why parents do not want their kids to play outdoors is fear for their safety. Traffic concerns, fear of strangers, and lack of safe spaces are other reasons. Finding safe ways to improve outdoor participation for kids is critical not only to enjoy its physical and mental benefits but also to provide peace of mind to parents.

Sign-up for summer camps

Summer camps are getting popular in the UK precisely because they offer opportunities for kids to spend their holidays in a fun way, remain outdoors, and learn valuable life skills. When you enrol your kids for camp activities, you are assured that there is adult supervision whether they are hiking, kayaking, or playing outdoors.

Spend a day at outdoor parks

If holiday camps are too expensive, there are many public parks where the young ones can hang out, play games or ball, run around, watch concerts, or go on boat rides. For those who are near the beach, driving to the coast for a day or a weekend is a great idea. Adventure parks that propose various activities are options for the little ones. Your children can choose something that they want to do whether it’s paintball, rifle shooting, quad trekking, archery, or mini-golf. It’s also possible to purchase a membership to activities. Like camps, adventure parks are monitored for safety so you need not worry that your child is unsupervised or doing something dangerous or inappropriate.

Before sending them off

While parks and holiday camps entertain children on their school break, it is equally important to do so safely. Teach kids basic safety rules such as swimming only at properly supervised sites, never wandering on their own, and informing chaperones of their whereabouts.

Keeping your children entertained and safe during their holidays is a challenge. Fortunately, teaching them basic safety practices can put your mind at ease.

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